Chronicle classifieds meeting sluts Melbourne

chronicle classifieds meeting sluts Melbourne

Jackie's got lots of activities planned for these Shine It Up extravaganzas. There's a 'booty shaking competition', in which audience members will be invited onto the stage to shake their arses, no doubt in a bid to distract them from noticing the fine print on their tickets that says 'no refunds'.

Jackie will also blindfold members of the audience and force them to hug each other, which if nothing else at least means the metoo movement will have a slew of fresh new voices coming into Next, Gamble pops by friend and former Taxiride lead singer Jason Singh's house - and quite a nice house it is.

Here we were thinking all the members of Taxiride would be more Taxidrive nowadays. Gamble says that she had a record deal when she was 18, and was starting to make headway in the industry when her hearing faltered, forcing her to give up her dream. Now she's been fitted with better hearing devices, is ready to sing again - and wants Jason's help.

The song she's penned - a jaunty, keyboard-backed ditty with comedic lyrics about the hassles of married life - suggests Gamble's primary musical influence is Frontline' s Friday night funnyman Elliott Rhodes. To this episode's most intense scene: Jackie gives Sally a psychic reading. Regardless of whether or not you believe in Jackie's abilities, a televised reading does seem like an especially fraught thing for Sally to subject herself to, just eight months after her husband's passing.

As expected, it's full-on. No sooner is Sally through the door than Jackie tells her that she's being 'visited' by her late husband. Within minutes, Jackie's pawing at Sally's jewellery, spinning her wedding ring on a chain, and announcing that the goosebumps Sally's feeling is in fact her husband's touch. Much like her reading with Janet way back in the first episode of RHOM - in which the 'angels' told her that Janet had to pawn her beloved wedding ring - much of Jackie's spiritual guidance here is jewellery-based.

And you're gonna FIND it again. Finally this week, the Housewives all gather for Sally's launch party - with some unusual bouncers guarding the door:. Venus comes bearing props: A photo she says instant enemy Gamble texted to someone she works with. It's a still from the Hitchcock classic The Birds, showing a woman being pecked to death by a crow. Gamble protests in vain as the group turns on her: It's not a photo of Venus.

She wouldn't dress that well. Across the party, Lydia and Jackie sidle up for a one-on-one - ostensibly to talk through their issues, but instead Lydia delivers the news she's been dying to pass on. Janet's been bitching about Jackie behind her back, and Lydia has information to prove it. Janet's summoned over, and immediately directs her fury to Lydia, who does seem quite pleased with herself. Confused, Jackie flees the party in tears, disappearing into the night, Janet wailing as she follows close behind.

Back inside, Lydia surveys the mess she's made. Gamble and Janet have another public stoush that ends with Gamble threatening to masturbate over her rival's husband. The Real Housewives of Melbourne screens 8: In the meantime, chat Housewives with recapper and largish girl Nick Bond on Twitter at bondnickbond. Entertainment "Threads" blurs lines between dance theatre and audience interaction.

News Counting dead Australians shows the sad impact of violence. Dalby Toowoomba Oakey Inglewood Gatton. Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. I was able to stay more on the offensive than he was and maybe I was protecting my own serve better than him. The second set was tight. The match was close. The end could have gone to a tiebreaker, and then you never know That's a terrible answer but Richard played well too and I happened to win tonight.

From there the chat went to wonderful places like Federer's interaction with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his look of "smouldering intensity" and whether the crowd likes his kids or not. You mentioned the word "intense" and intensity seems to be something that has been on your mind lately in the build-up to the tournament. You and The Rock have something going on Twitter about intensity. You have a look that you're working on, smouldering intensity It's a little bit like Zoolander, give us a blue steel on camera.

Then, mid sentence, Federer turned his head and gave us his best impression of "smouldering intensity". The crowd absolutely loved it and stadium erupted with laughter. The girls have really fallen in love with tennis now over the last three months or so but it has been a struggle for the last four years. We are getting something back on the return on the investment! My god, they were so not motivated, it was incredible. I guess that I was like that too when I was younger and the boys seem to enjoy themselves more.

They like it which is nice. I'm just happy they play tennis and we can play as a family and they can play with their friends one day. This is not about becoming professional tennis players, if they do that I will support it. I just want them to play sport, stay active and go out there with their friends and have fun.

They are doing that and that is wonderful. Federer has unheralded Hungarian and one-time training partner Marton Fucsovics up next and a potential quarter-final with Tomas Berdych, who upset Juan Martin del Porto in straight sets earlier on Saturday.



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