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It goes without saying that this imagined sex tourist is a man, and probably not a very nice one at that. But at many resorts and holiday destinations around the world, sex tourism is an equal-opportunity pastime these days. European and North American cities are burgeoning with single heck, married , professional women with money, and libidinous urges, to burn.

For the female sex tourist, as with the male, desire is the same. What differs is the method and approach. Over a rum cocktail in the open-air pool bar, Lindsey, the scuba instructor, gives me the lowdown. They go buck-ass wild. Then they go back to their business-suit lives in the city, and no one's any the wiser. There's a certain protection in it for them. We have a saying: Lindsey, 33, a tanned beach ruffian from Texas with painted blue toenails and a honey drawl, admits that part of the job duties of Club Med Guest Organizers or G.

It's not frowned upon at all. Part of our job is to mingle with the clientele, which is unusual for a resort. The point is, we're here to entertain. Beach boys and their holiday flings. It's a familiar story all over the Caribbean isles. In the Jamaican resort hot spot of Negril, plane-loads of single female tourists, many from Canada, pour in every winter looking for sexual adventure, often in exchange for financial compensation.

In Negril, muscled young rastas stroll the beach during the high season in search of their next foreign meal ticket. Like some resorts in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, Negril is renowned as a place where white, middle-aged Western women come in search of what is nicknamed "the big bamboo.

The researchers interviewed women on holiday in Negril and did two similar reports on the Dominican Republic. In the course of their holiday, almost a third of the interviewees had engaged in sexual relationships with local men.

Though 60 per cent admitted to "economic elements to their liaisons, they did not perceive the sexual encounters as prostitute-client transactions, nor did they view their sexual partners as prostitutes. While the Club Med Turkoise is hardly a hotbed of prostitution, many women do come here looking for a bit of discreet and temporary love. Sex between locals and tourists is virtually unheard of during the low season on this sleepy little island.

Instead, most of the intimate exchanges go on between the female guests and the G. While everything transpires between consenting adults, Lindsey admits that occasionally women guests exploit the availability of the male staff members. Take the wild pair of American sisters who visited the Turks and Caicos resort last winter. According to Lindsey, they "more or less systematically raped every one of the G.

They've got a Web site where they posted pictures of the G. One of our guys got labelled as having a small manhood, which wasn't too nice for him. He said he could no longer find it on-line, but swore up and down that he had surfed it with his own eyes. The attraction for single female guests is no mystery. The Club Med Singles G. Ranging in age from approximately late teens to early 30s, they are trim, tanned and glowing with the kind of laconic good cheer that can only come from spending most of your days half-naked and barefoot in a white-sand paradise.

Lindsey says that, while the male G. The [male guests]are always complaining that we take all the women. Can we help it if they come after us? Some women are very flirtatious and some men are just dogs -- they're gonna love 'em and leave 'em -- and here, the women are like that too. But while many single women may arrive in Club Med hoping for a fling, they neither expect it nor seek it out, and they're not necessarily disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Take old university pals Kate, 26, and Lisa, Both from Toronto, the pretty twosome decided on Club Med for all the practical reasons: It was an easy and relatively inexpensive holiday on last-minute notice.

They expected "a cheesy frosh week atmosphere," and to some extent they found it. When I share a drink with them on the pool patio at midnight on the night before their departure, they tell me they hadn't been to bed before 3 a.

They wouldn't get into specifics, but the two attractive young women clearly felt well attended to during their trip. It's surreal, it lets you loosen up and do things you wouldn't normally do. For single women, the key is to be open but discerning. While many might hold back or wait things out at home, at Club Med they are free to pursue and be pursued, with near-immediate gratification.

If you pass up romance, in an instant it can be gone, and at the end of the week you might go home wondering what you missed. True to form, Kate and Lisa steered clear of most of their fellow male guests and fraternized mainly with the G. Lisa laughs and elbows her friend knowingly. Single's Club Med, of course, is not the only holiday resort destination for women on the prowl.

In fact, some would argue that it's downright tame compared with Hedonism II in Negril, a resort that caters specifically to men and women with sex on the brain. As their Web site boasts, at Hedonism II guests are encouraged to let loose and hook up. Things you wouldn't tell your mother about. Take off your bathing suit. Basically, if it feels good, do it.

For female tourists itching for a fling, the draw of the all-inclusive resort package is clear. Cheesy as they might be, spots such as Club Med and Hedonism II offer a discreet and relatively controlled environment for single women. For the women I spoke to, a lack of sexual pressure is also important. In short, the female sex tourist wants to take her pleasure at her own discretion. While Sachs says she came to Club Med Turkoise in order to "rejuvenate and relax," she says that if something extra happens, that's fine.

He was a diving instructor from Italy and spoke very little English. It was nice to have some extra attention during my holiday, but I didn't take it seriously. Even at the time, I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere, but let me tell you, this guy was gorgeous -- not an ounce of fat on his body. In turn, he writes, this leads women to settle, entering into doomed or otherwise unsatisfying marriages. But when you sell million copies in two years, your narrative is resonating.

Meanwhile, many will go it alone. Self-love for men and women is at an all-time high. A study found that 29 percent of men and 9 percent of women masturbated at least once a week. In , 49 percent of men and 32 percent of women confessed to doing it at least once in the previous six days. All of this, Regnerus concludes, means that as long as sex is so low-cost for men, heterosexual women will have increasing difficulties finding a partner worth committing to.

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